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Bo Kim's way of seeing objects in museums is affected by her assumptions. Her art practice attempts to capture these moments of institutionalization through the modality of her art. The samples represent institutional coldness, such as itemization and numeration which reduce people to labels and numbers in hospitals, schools, and government. Taxidermy is in conversation with many dichotomies such as, Life/Death, Beauty/Ugliness, Categorization/De-categorization, etc. The tension between these dichotomies is like the tension she experiences existing between the Korean and Western cultures. Conflicts of normativity often create friction, not only within the self, but within our society. When Kim paints copies of photographs in the museum archives, she usually explores the elements of documentation, such as the tag, the string, the description, and other elements that represent institutionalization.

Visual Artist Statement

Visual Artist Statement_1
Visual Artist Statement_2
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