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Archive of Ambiguity 2023

In the Archive of Ambiguity, the exploration led by Bo Kim unfolds into the intricate dynamics of how historical records mold self-perception and societal norms, especially within institutional settings. Kim critically dissects archives, casting doubt on their claimed objectivity, and seeks to transform archives that transcend their conventional scientific utility. Through art, Kim engages in a critique of normativity, passionately advocating for the principles of diversity.


The research on intersectionality undertaken by Kim extends its reach into the very foundations of institutional frameworks. In this pursuit, prevailing narratives are subjected to scrutiny, with the aim of disrupting and reconstructing institutional perspectives. The overarching objective is to reclaim agency for marginalized voices. In raising the question of the meaning of archives from their origins, Kim prompts a contemplation of their inherent essence—distinct from being authored by someone with a historical presence in the past. This inquiry delves into the fundamental nature of archives, questioning their intrinsic significance beyond the written accounts of individuals with historical roles.


Location: Herter Gallery at University of Massachusetts Amherst

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