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syn- + -vios 2022

Biodiversity: the enormous variety of life on Earth and how species interact with each other and with their environment. All living organisms exist within their own communities, or ecosystems. “syn- + -vios” is a project that explores the ecological relationship between urban parks and microorganisms, communicating their coexistence with humans and the environment. This research demonstrates access and experimentation with the biological resources that can be found within Chicago Park District, particularly the collection of species from ponds. This study is an experiment with bio-art , using agar plates that incorporate a collection of microorganisms present in the ponds of the Chicago communities area. 

Material: Petri dishes, agar | Equipment: Heating pad, Lightbox | Photography: Hsin-Ju Tung

7F6A4515 copy.jpg
7F6A4512 copy.jpg
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